Eta Lines 1950-1959

Fall 1950
Joe Dockins
Cassidy Adams
George Prewitt
Isaiah Purnell
Louis Watson
George Watson

Spring 1951
Napoleon Brown (Omega Chapter)
Frank Bolton
Freddie Johnson (Omega Chapter)
Eugene Spencer

Fall 1951
Johnnie Brown

Fall 1952
Julius Winston
Petro Langdon

Spring 1953
Rudell Thomas
Floyd Stewart


Fall 1953
Cleo Knight
Willie Lucas
Harold Spencer

Spring 1954
Harrison Barnes
Lonnie Crosby (Omega Chapter)
Earnest E Stewart
Richard Smith (Omega Chapter)
George Ellis
Talmadge Portis (Omega Chapter)

Fall 1954
Arthur Fielder
Peter Boston (Omega Chapter)
Willie Jones
Solomon Johnson (Omega Chapter)
Shelton Keyes

Fall 1955
Julius Heidelberg

Spring 1956 (4/21/1956)
William Long (Omega Chapter)
Charles Harris


Fall 1956
Purvis McCarty
Willie McCray
Alonzo Johnson (Omega Chapter)

Fall 1957
Ford Mason
Hughey McSwain
James Payton (Omega Chapter)
Wesley Gordon

Spring 1958
Charles Wilson (Omega Chapter)
Joseph Russell
Edgar Griffin
Leon Griffith
Freddy Cross
Ansley Martin

Fall 1958
Cal Holloway
Charles Shepphard
Mason Denham

Fall 1959
Henry Womack
Limea Daniels
Albert Guyot
Jerry Hankins
Lamont Johnson
Walter Logan
Ervin Carr
George Rogers (Omega Chapter)
Herman Coleman
James Smith, Jr.

While certain members of EAA, Inc. may also be active members of local chapters within Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., as an organization EAA, Inc. has no affiliation with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.