Eta Lines 1960-1969

Spring 1960
Paul Mackel
Robel White

Fall 1960
Malvin Williams, Sr.
Eddie Amos

Fall 1961
Robert Parrott
Joseph Dunbar
Clarence Rich
John C. Noble

Spring 1962
Louis Morris (Omega Chapter)

Fall 1962
Willie Culpepper
Charles Bailey

Fall 1963
Douglas Posey
MacArthur Carpenter
John Bell
Buford Satcher
William Rooks
Charles E. Johnson
Emile Hamberlin

Spring 1965
Chester Coleman (Omega Chapter)
George Warren
Otha Grigsby (Omega Chapter)
Teddy Keys

Fall 1965
Walter Burt
Charles Hubbard
Howard Veal, Sr.
Eddie Morant (Omega Chapter)
Edward Murphy
Ernest Mcfarland (Omega Chapter)
Barry Dillon

Fall 1965 (Cont'd)
Morris Peterson
Emanuel Reeves
Leon Crawford
Herbert Anderson (Omega Chapter)
Van Lucas (Omega Chapter)

Spring 1966
Phillip West
Sherman Burt
Glen Parrish (Omega Chapter)
W C Banks
Bennie LeFlore
Hosia Jones
Vernell Williams
James Fair
Charles Carter (Omega Chapter)

Fall 1966
Willie Humphrey
George Hardaway
Gregory Williams
Alfred Liggans
Ernest Stanton

Spring 1967
Willie Buck (Omega Chapter)
Louis Johnson (Omega Chapter)
Benny Terrell

Fall 1967
Robert Tucker
George Jossell
Jonathan Turner
Joe Stiffin (Omega Chapter)
Donald Vardaman
Lee Houston
John Matthews, Jr.
David Fouche
Aubrey Brent
Carl Boykins
Johnny Greenwood
Archie Course

Spring 1968
Russell Baxter
Charles McMillon
Charles Watkins
Johnny Walker
Kenneth Beal
John Lenoir

Fall 1968
Harrison Crawford
Simon Carter, Jr.
Cornell Williams
Lester Leach
Charles Thames
Charles Shepphard
Leroy Stokes
Charles Anderson
Clement Johnson

Spring 1969
James Harris
Jesse Brown
James Fleming
Raymond Hough
Randolph Johnson (Omega Chapter)
Larry Toney
Charlie Walker
Charles Warnsley (Omega Chapter)
Larry Wiley
Willie Wilkes
Fletcher Springfield
Tillmon Rosemon

Fall 1969
Darvie Smith (Omega Chapter)
Clarence Buford
Audry Dennis
Alphonse Reed
David Ellis
Kenneth Middleton (Omega Chapter)
Robert L. Dennis
Willie Adams
Charles Collier
Artis Taylor (Omega Chapter)
Percy McCarty
Claude McCaskill

While certain members of EAA, Inc. may also be active members of local chapters within Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., as an organization EAA, Inc. has no affiliation with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.