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Eta Lines 1980-1989

Spring 1980
Timothy Davis
Stevie Scott
Jimmy McGowan
Glen Williams
Wayne Early
Stanley Young
Anthony McCarty
Henry Rice
Alvin Gilmore
Gregory Bettis
Jeffrey Smith
Anthony Taylor
Kadious Toney
Harrell Neal

Fall 1980
Chris Bright
Cleophus Bright
Norman Jones

Fall 1981
Rudolph Waters
Douglas Smith
Barry Bettis (Omega Chapter)
Calvin Broomfield
Joseph Liddell
Craig Smith
Tony F. Hodge
Juan Johnson
Herman Carnie

Spring 1983
Jerry Warfield
William Royal
Willie C. Hicks
Willie Davis
Timmy Pickett
Dwight Jackson
Alvin Jackson
Lee Williams

Fall 1983
Phil Thomas

Spring 1984
Wilbur Hogsett
Michael Tanksley
Ronald Booker
James Cistrunk

Fall 1984
Reginald Liddell
Kenneth Young
Dr. Edward J. Carter, III
Medgar Clark (Omega Chapter)
Ronie Griffin
Calvin Martin
Dennis A. Davis
Clarence Lomax
Timothy Lewis
Medgar Wells
Joseph Landers

Fall 1986
Darryl Cullins
Norris Wallace
Perry Reed (Omega Chapter)
Bobby Gills
Barry Goins
Louis Buck
Perry Thornton
Michael Keyton

Spring 1988
Aaron Payne
Sylvester Patterson
Albert Griffin
Orlando Kilcrease
Alvin Keyton
Everett Fisher
Derek S.L. Scott, M.D.

Spring 1989
Henry Banks
Willie McCoy
David Pannell
Darrell Landers
Marzel Lenoir
Raymond Bell
Charles Amison
Darrell Johnson
Maurice Landers
Howard Robinson

While certain members of EAA, Inc. may also be active members of local chapters within Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., as an organization EAA, Inc. has no affiliation with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.